Quintin Frost

Dear Kenneth

Firstly, I would like to thank you and Howard for the opportunity of a lifetime as you advertised. As you know, I have been traveling throughout Africa and many places in the world but I must admit this was one of the best trips I have had to date. We saw places not known to the normal average person with a 4×4 dreaming of conquering Africa due to the qualifications of our team leaders and their local knowledge of Southern Africa. In my view local knowledge is the thing that will keep you safe and most importantly it will take you to places the normal tour guides and info centers can never do. So thanks for that.

When I met up with you prior to the trip you had some very nice ideas and the trip was planned properly with some mystery and excitement that was hidden all over, I knew that this was going to be a very exiting trip. Meeting up with you and Howard made me realize that the two of you are two very different persons i.e. (North Pole and South Pole) each with their specific strong points and their own majestic knowledge of Africa, camping, wildlife, fauna and flora, leadership skills, survival and most of all, sense of humour. When the two of you get together and plan an adventure, you open up the world for those who dare to go with. You really went out of your way to make all of us feel safe and just enjoy the ride. We never had to get out of our holiday mood to address a crisis, we never had to worry about putting up camp or making food; all was done for us, that was the thing that made my experience an excellent unforgettable one.

The trip itself was twelve days of pure enjoyment, the travel days were long hours on the road but at the end of the day the rewards were new places, new experiences and new areas to explore. Personally, I would like the traveling to be restricted to mid-day to allow the travelers to explore in and around the camp; this will allow more time for photos etc. Travel between say 11 and 15 latest. This said it would not have been possible as we saw places like Drotski Caves, Sekondomboro, Kaudum, Kavango, Muchenje Camp, Livingston, Chobe National park, Savuti and Maun and that alone was a miracle in the time we had available. We had to push hard and you made it work for us.

The food we received was top class and we never had to walk away hungry or feeling this was not good. The get-togethers around the fire place at night were awesome even though we were tired after the day’s driving it felt like we were around the fire with our best friends and we could all just exchange our stories, the highlights of the day, drink wine, eat good food and just relax, just be yourself.

During the day trips, we were taught how to drive in proper Kalahari sand, about the vegetation, about the animals we saw, recovering of vehicles, these mostly belonging to inexperienced international visitors. We were lucky to have proper guides. One needs a special skill and patience to be able to tour through Africa. One also needs a teacher who doesn’t just make a living out of this, but who is also passionate about Africa and who knows the local stories and history of the place and who can show one the right way of doing things and how to deal with the locals. That is what makes the African travel experience worth your while and not just renting a vehicle and for a self-drive to places you know nothing about but which are advertised on brochures or the internet. One needs to get out there where very few people travel and that is exactly what you have done for us.

Thanks a million for the experience and I cannot wait for the next one.

Kind Regards
Quintin Frost